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Friday, October 16th at 7pm
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Brian EdwardsBrian BOOKED a co-star on BLUE BLOODS from meeting Melissa Moss, Casting Associate, Bowling/Miscia Casting in her On-Camera Intensive here at Actors Connection! -- Brian Edwards, February 2013


MariaPedro"Broadway Connection was such an incredible experience for me. I was just transitioning into the City and this workshop really inspired me & helped me get my foot in the door. Not only were the Casting Directors real connections, but also the other actors I met were terrific, too! PLUS I have to mention I SIGNED with a Talent Agency, Judy Boals, Inc. as a result of Broadway Connection. It's amazing!" -- Maria Pedro, February 2014


Brit WestBrit West BOOKED a co-star on a TV Pilot after meeting Matthew Maisto, Associate Casting Director at our Pilot Season Showcase at NY Connection February 2014. -- Brit West, February 2014


Cooper GrodinCooper BOOKED the title role of THE PHANTOM in the 25th Anniversary tour of Phantom of the Opera from meeting and SIGNING with Renee Glicker, Agent/Owner, About Artists at our Broadway Connection! -- Cooper Grodin, February 2014


Raj Pahuja"I just got an audition for LAW & ORDER: SVU from meeting Philip Huffman, CD in his Episodic TV Intensive and Mike Lyons, Silver Model Management and Chelsea Talent in a seminar at Actors Connection!" -- Raj Pahuja, February 2014


Djaka Souare"I joined the ONE MONTH UNLIMITED SEMINAR PROGRAM and have been so happy with it. I met Marius Bargielski, Legit agent and Owner of METROPOLIS ARTISTS AGENCY and he called me into his office and we decided that he would represent me as Legit Agent. We are doing a 3 month ''try out'' for Pilot Season to see where that goes and if we both are happy, we will sign full time." -- Djaka Souare, February 2014


LaToya FranklinLaToya AUDITIONED for the new NY series POWER meeting Matt Maisto, CD, STARZ and HBO's THE LEFTOVERS from meeting Meghan Rafferty, CD at our January 2014 NY Connection! -- LaToya Franklyn, February 2014


Angela Gould"Wanted to let you know I did the weekend Film & Primetime TV Workshop and Matt Maisto called me in to AUDITION for POWER the following week. Thanks for putting together a great program!" -- Angela Gould, February 2014


Walid ChayaWalid is FREELANCING with MSF Talent from meeting Marion Falk, Agent/Owner in a seminar at Actors Connection! -- Walid Chaya, February 2014


Carolyn Cutillo"I BOOKED an awesome role in a new play at The Hudson Guild Theatre from meeting CD Judy Bowman just three days prior in a seminar at Actors Connection!" -- Carolyn Cutillo, January 2014


James Ciccone"I BOOKED the lead in an animation pilot from being recommended by Actors Connection to the production company. I think it is more than fair and ethical to say that my efforts at AC have paid off!" -- James Ciccone, January 2014


John SousaJohn BOOKED a co-star on LAW & ORDER: SVU from meeting Philip Huffman, CD here in Philip's Episodic TV Intensive here at Actors Connection! -- John Sousa, January 2014

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson MorganMichael AUDITIONED for Co-Star roles on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, POWER and an NBC pilot from meeting Ingrid French, Personal Manager, Ingrid French Management through the AC Fast Track! -- Michael Wilson Morgan, January 2014


Raj PahujaRaj AUDITIONED for a co-star on THE AMERICANS from meeting Shirley Faison, Agent here in a seminar at Actors Connection! -- Raj Pahuja, January 2014


LaToya FranklinLaToya Franklyn BOOKED a co-star role on an NBC Pilot after meeting Susanne Scheel, Casting Associate at Bowling/Miscia Casting at NY Connection last weekend! -- LaToya Franklyn, January 2014


Ann SnyderAnn BOOKED a national commercial for MET LIFE from meeting Barry Shapiro, CD, Herman & Lipson Casting, in Barry's All Day Commercial Improv Intensive here at Actors Connection! -- Ann Snyder, January 2014


Myrna Caballo"I wanted to update you on a really cool thing. I just got CAST in a feature film that Tiffany Little Canfield cast. She spoke to Ann at Judy Boals and they talked about how they both met me at the NY Connection Showcase at AC. It is coming up on one year since I had the wonderful opportunity to be in the showcase, meet you and start the journey that would bring me here to NYC. Thank you again for all of your guidance and support." -- Myrna Caballo, January 2014


Frank van Putten"After meeting Margaret Emory at AC, she called me into her office at SW-Artists. Since then, I've had 7 film and TV auditions and have BOOKED three jobs. After meeting Brette Goldstein at AC, she called me in to audition for a role in 'Small Miracles'; I was called back, and BOOKED the job. Thanks for everything! Actors Connection has made a huge difference for me!"
-- Frank van Putten, January 2014


MariaPedro"From Broadway Connection, I was called into Judy Boals, Inc to sing for their entire office. I just received ANOTHER follow up meeting with them!! Thank you!" -- Maria Pedro, January 2014


Travis Mitchell"Brette Goldstein called me in (after meeting her at Actors NY Connection and weeks of me following up with postcards and emails about projects I was working on) to audition for a guest spot on a new TV show called Small Miracles! Oh, and I got called back (which I had to do via Skype from Wisconsin)! Oh, and I just got the email that I BOOKED IT!" -- Travis Mitchell, January 2014