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PrimetimePrimetime TV Festival- ON CAMERA

Showcase to 4 TOP NY CD's All in ONE DAY! AM Session

Saturday, October 20th at 10:45am OR 2:45pm
Our biggest and most popular event! SHOWCASE to FOUR INCREDIBLE Casting Directors who focus on Primetime TV and Pilots all in one jam-packed morning!
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Fast Track


The AC Fast Track is a six-month program of personalized industry access individually designed to put your Acting Career into OVERDRIVE!

Winning Formula

Throughout the six-month program, you'll be working EXCLUSIVELY with your Personal Manager as well as the AC team to find out what projects, talent agents and casting directors you should be focusing on for your acting career.

SIX Months of AC Unlimited Seminars
Showcase to NY's Top Talent Agents, Casting Directors and Print Agents every day that we have seminars.

ONE AC Class (3 - 6 Weeks In Length)
Focus on your specific area and curriculum to
improve your auditioning technique.

ONE AC Special Event/Casting Director Intensive
Strengthen your auditioning skills in a specific area and
curriculum to improve your acting technique.

FOUR Private Coaching Sessions
Work with top NY acting coaches on your Monologues, Scenes,
Commercial Copy, and Image to be used in your seminars and auditions.

COMPLIMENTARY Business Courses
Improve your ability to navigate the business of show business.

Receive a 20% discount on our Classes and Special Events during your AC Fast Track.

Get started!

To set-up your interview/audition for this incredible program, please email your headshot and resume to:

Prepare TWO contrasting 1 - 2 minute monologues.
Once approved, you may begin at the time of your choosing.

Only $1995 for this 6-month program.
Payment plans available.


James Fraser"Since starting the Fast Track Program I've signed with JHA Management as well as The Meg Pantera Agency and recently I BOOKED a Co-Star role on The Blacklist. I also just recently got called in for an Audition and Call-Back for an Amazon VO after meeting with Ashley Marshall from Beth Melsky Casting. All this and I'm only half way done!" -James Fraser

Christine Donnelly"I am so glad I took the Fast Track! It's like a comprehensive course in how show business works today. Working with the team at Actors Connection, having access to unlimited seminars with Casting Directors and Talent Agents and working with a Personal Manager, I got sent on scores of auditions. That was a whole new world to me, but thanks to AC classes and coaching included in Fast Track, I learned exactly what to do when I walk into an audition room. I booked two commercials that paid the total cost of Fast Track before I even finished the program. It's interesting that the industry people I met during Fast Track gave me a new idea of how I could find a place in the industry. Now I'm pursuing musicals as well as film, TV and commercials and I was just cast in an Equity Staged Reading of a new musical. Also, thanks to Fast Track I'm freelancing with Agent Stefanie Field who got me a role in an independent film. Fast Track worked really well for me. I recommend it!"
-Christine Donnelly

Since starting AC Fast Track, Ashley has SIGNED with Funny Face Today after meeting Charlie Winfield at AC Print Connection and BOOKED a print Campaign Through them for Oprah Magazine! Ashley also BOOKED a supporting role on Six Degrees of Murder after working with Josselyne Herman & Associates through the AC Fast Track Program! Congrats!"

Molly DePietro is now freelancing with Ingber and Associates following a Seminar through the AC Fast Track program!

Sean M. Bell"AC's Fast Track has helped to give me the know-how to walk into any audition with confidence, quickly translating into a manager (IFM), ongoing communication with casting directors, and paid bookings. Thanks to Tony & Shorey!" -Sean M. Bell

Danielle Augustine"Before AC Fast Track, I had no idea how the industry worked in New York. Because I was able to attend unlimited Seminars with Casting Directors and Talent Agents, not only did I learn about the industry but I learned where I fit in. I have been told my strengths, I have been told my weaknesses and been given opportunities to improve both. Through private coaching offered in the Fast Track program, I feel confident in my material walking into a room. In addition, the classes and intensives I've taken have made a world of difference in how prepared and comfortable I look and feel at my auditions. I've been working with Ingrid French Management since the beginning of the 6 month program. I've booked two jobs through IFM which have essentially paid for Fast Track. Now, I also freelancing with Take 3 Talent / Product Model Management as well as Ramona's Talent Agency after meeting them both at Actors Connection. I go on auditions every week! I am so appreciative of this program and how it has helped me to find my footing in this city and have the opportunity to take my acting career seriously. Thank you Fast Track!"
-Danielle Augustine

Josh Cahn"Since starting the AC Fast Track I have met over 100 industry professionals, and booked jobs in Theatre, Film, and Commercial. I have started working with a Talent Agent and a Personal Manager, additionally I have received meetings with two other Agents for possible Commercial representation. I have been called in by numerous Casting Directors I have met here and those relationships continue to grow as I get more appointments. All of this would not have been possible without the AC Fast Track!"
-Josh Cahn

Anya Krawcheck"The AC Fast Track is an amazing program! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to jumpstart their career. I wish I had known about Fast Track when I graduated because it schooled me in all the ways college did not. I feel so much more confident in my auditioning skills but more importantly I know what my resources are and how to use them. Not to mention that I SIGNED with a personal manager and BOOKED my first co-star thanks to the program!"
-Anya Krawcheck

Luke Nieto"I want to thank Actors Connection and the Fast Track program for being such an amazing guidance and giving me so much information that I don't think I would've realized this year just on my own. I certainly have a different (and more accurate) perspective on this industry now than I did at the beginning of my Fast Track. I've built up a great amount of confidence through meeting and presenting myself to so many different people in the industry. It's amazing to know where I am in this business and what I need to do to get where I want to be. This was truly one of the best decisions I've made for my career and I'd recommend the Fast Track program to any actor that is serious about being a part of this industry."
-Luke Nieto

Misha Calvert"With Fast Track, I got to know dozens and dozens of people in the industry and feel like I really mastered the art of the ‘interview.' I'm pretty comfortable walking into almost any audition room now. And I ended up signing with manager Steve Maihack of 44 West Entertainment!"
-Misha Calvert

Adriana Spencer"While participating in the Actors Connection Fast Track program I met an average of 6 - 10 Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors a week. Many times, I was given an audition appointment for the next day. I began and strengthened many relationships with casting offices that now call me in regularly. I immediately saw the benefits commercially, as during the program I booked a Hilton commercial, which cancelled out the initial program fee - umm, worth it on that alone! I am now signed commercially with the management company I was working with during Fast Track and going to castings regularly. Thanks so much to Shorey and Tony for their extensive mentorship. If you strategize correctly and are smart about who you're meeting and how your presenting yourself, the value of this program will far exceed your expectations."
-Adriana Spencer

Alfred Rosenblatt"Thanks to Fast Track I signed with a Personal Manager and a Commercial Print Agent and met countless Casting Directors and Talent Agents. Acting is my second career and prior to Fast Track I had mostly been cast in student productions. Now I'm starting to get cast in professional productions; I could not have done this on my own."
-Alfred Rosenblatt

Jill Rittinger"In the first 4 months, I met at least 50 Casting Directors, Legit Agents, Commercial and Commercial Print Agents. Not only have I met so many industry people, I have learned SO much about the business. You know...all the stuff they DON'T teach you in school! As a Fast Tracker, I have experienced a sense of community at Actors Connection.
-Jill Rittinger

Mansoor"I am on my way! The AC Fast Track program's experience was phenomenal and I recommend the program to anyone who is prepared. Each actor had to be prepared to undertake a rigorous acting program that's based on the actor's ability, self-motivation, energy, persistence and likability. The AC Fast Track program not only gave me an opportunity to introduce myself to many legit and commercial agencies and casting directors, but I SIGNED a two year personal manager contract with Ingrid French Management. Thank you all!"
-Mansoor Najee-ullah

Kristen Hale"I have so enjoyed my experience at Actors Connection with the AC Fast Track program. I learned a ton and met amazing people. My last two private coaching sessions with the acting and voice-over coach were wonderful! Thank you again for your support, encouragement and guidance throughout the course of this program. Actors Connection is the best!"
-Kristen Hale

Michael Wilson Morgan"With Fast Track I was able to jump start my career, focus on long-term goals and acquire representation. Having a personal manager for six months along with a team behind me allowed for me to take new directions and steps towards the right path of my craft and process. Knowing I had a helping hand and a support team behind me, I was able to take risks and find myself and my brand! I used every benefit and opportunity that was offered to me in Fast Track to advance my career and to get myself in front of as many legit agents and casting directors as I could. I was meeting and performing in front of a new perspective agent and/or casting director every night, sometimes more than one! I was making myself known to these agents (and what they are looking for and their roster) and casting directors were seeing my work and getting to know me. I've booked several auditions and callbacks because of Fast Track and now have representation."
-Michael Wilson Morgan

Peter"Participating in the Fast Track was one of the best career decisions I have made to date. Working intensively with Casting Directors, Talent Agents and other industry professionals was the PERFECT thing I needed to move my acting career into the next phase. Working with the management team gave me a leg up on my competition because it gave me inside information on what I needed to get ahead. During the 6 months, I had some incredible success including booking TWO TV series, TWO SAG shorts, I found agency representation, I was cast as the lead in a new musical and I booked an international print ad. It was the right thing at the right time for me."
-Peter Davenport

Johanna"I am so glad I decided to invest in to my acting career by enrolling in the Actor's Connection's Fast Track program. Although it was a big investment, the program exceeded all my expectations! Not only was the program tailored to fit my own personal goals as an actor, it allowed me to ‘freeze' my participation while I was booked on a project out of the country for a month, making it the perfect program for all actors hoping to boost their careers, beginners and more-established actors alike. The one-on-ones with industry professionals have helped me become a more confident auditioner, while the business seminars have taught me how to market my ‘product' more efficiently. During my six months of Fast Track, I networked with several constantly working industry professionals with whom I have now begun forming active business relationships. I have started freelancing with Ginger Dicce, Mary Haggerty at Professional Artists and Ramona's Models. Through Ingrid French Management, I had a final callback for a recurring role on Boardwalk Empire. I can honestly say my Bachelor of Arts Degree and my 2-year conservatory actor training combined never gave me as valuable of a jumpstart to understanding the business side of acting. I highly recommend anyone wanting to kick their career into a higher gear to consider Fast Track!"
-Johanna Telander

Jeff"My Actor's Connection experience began when I enrolled in the Fast Track program. From day one, I was floored by the remarkable assistance and passion of Tony, Christopher and the AC crew. I learned so much on how to move my career forward. Six months later, the program just wrapped and I have an agent and manager! I'm getting more auditions, have new and better headshots and can say that the investment was worth every penny. Even though Fast Track is over for me, my AC experience will never end!"
-Jeff Wierichs

Chad"To sum up The Fast Track program at Actors Connection in a word: AWESOME! This program covers everything from assessing your talent upon entering the program, to planning out the best course of action to help you reach your goals. It gives you the chance to work with a management team, and they were always there to answer my questions, take my calls, respond to emails—just always available. I had the ability to take advantage of the great classes that AC has to offer. I also had the opportunity to be coached by Jayne and Mich—can't say enough good things about them. Besides being two of the nicest people I've met. They are seasoned, friendly, working actors who are eager to help and share what they know. They really helped me take my acting to another level. What this program also does is put you in contact with industry leading agents and casting directors for film, TV, theatre, commercials and print where you will be able to speak with them and show off your talent. Being able to have such industry giants as part of your contacts is priceless. If you are looking for a way to put your career in overdrive, you really need to get involved in The Fast Track program at AC. I am super excited and motivated to take my career to the next level. I would just like to say to Tony, the AC staff and everyone I've met and worked with through the Fast Track program—THANK YOU!""
-Chad Flood

Shaka"The AC Fast Track is an amazing program for actors who are looking to move their career forward.I received amazing support and advice from the Actors Connection staff, not only with where I wanted to take my career and what seminars I should take, but how to fix my resume and even edit my website. The coaching staff was amazing to work with and they are working actors themselves. I also BOOKED a commercial that is playing nationally from doing the program. I did in three months what I had been trying three years in NYC to do. Thank you so much!"
-Shaka Omari Smith

Marquita"When I first moved to NYC, I got a little success booking some Indie Films, Theater projects, and Commercials, on my own, but I was always looking for ways to take my career to the next level. I found that way in the Fast Track program. The mentorship and guidance I received, the coaching, the classes, the career advice and my management team really helped propel my career forward. During the six-month program, I met over 50 agents and 60 plus casting directors. I was brought in for several meetings with various agencies. I was sent out on multiple auditions that I would never have been able to get on my own. Tony and the whole AC crew really helped guide me through the program and helped me to get my career on track. I can't thank them enough for all their support. I now have a huge network of casting directors who know me, I'm signed with Diesel Management, and I'm freelancing with multiple agencies. Fast Track was everything I hoped for and so much more. THANK YOU!""
-Marquita Denise

Get started!

To set-up your interview/audition for this incredible program, please email your headshot and resume to:

Prepare TWO contrasting 1 - 2 minute monologues.
Once approved, you may begin at the time of your choosing.

Only $1995 for this 6-month program.
Payment plans available.