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SHOWCASE to 4 TOP NY Legit Agents and 1 CD ALL in 1 NIGHT!

Thursday, August 23rd at 7pm
Looking for representation? These 5 HUGE industry giants will be focusing on your talents for legit (film, TV and theater) work.
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Single SeminarSeminar 1-Pack

Every day of the week you'll find valuable New York acting seminars with talent agents, casting directors and other industry professionals at Actors Connection. Browse through our calendar to find great career opportunities. Seminar credits may not be applied to classes or Special Events. Seminars never expire at Actors Connection. Save money when you buy seminars in packages. Read more...

Price: $30.00

2 packSeminar 2-Pack

See two acting seminars in New York that you'd like to attend? Pick up our Seminar 2 Pack! As a reminder, seminar credits never expire so you can use them any time. Read more...

Price: $60.00

5 PackSeminar 5-Pack (Save $10)

Love our New York acting seminars at Actors Connection? If you know that you'll be registering for more than a couple of our seminars, save yourself some cash by purchasing more seminar credits all at once. This Seminar 5 Pack saves you a total of $10, or $2 per seminar. Read more...

Price: $140.00

1-Month Unlimited1-Month Unlimited Seminar Package - (Register for 1 seminar a Day!)

Your seminar cost is less than $10.00 per seminar! A fantastic way to impact your acting career, networking with the best of NY industry and creating relationships to last your acting career lifetime! RULES and GUIDELINES - Register for 1 seminar per day based on our schedule. - Add a 2nd BONUS seminar per day when applicable. - 2nd Bonus seminar... Read more...

Price: $249.00

10 PackSeminar 10-Pack (Save $40)

Save even more when you purchase 10 seminar credits at once! You'll save $4 on each seminar - a total of $40 overall. This is a great option for those who perform in NYC and want to stay on top of their game by networking and showcasing to our wide variety of industry guests. Read more...

Price: $260.00