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PrimetimePrimetime TV Festival- ON CAMERA

Showcase to 4 TOP NY CD's All in ONE DAY! AM Session

Saturday, October 20th at 10:45am OR 2:45pm
Our biggest and most popular event! SHOWCASE to FOUR INCREDIBLE Casting Directors who focus on Primetime TV and Pilots all in one jam-packed morning!
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NY Connection

3 Day Showcase in NYC!

Next Session: Oct. 12-14, 2018 with 12 Casting Directors and Talent Agents

Just Added! Pre-Pilot Season Session: Dec. 14-16, 2018 with 12 Casting Directors and Talent Agents

Please submit a picture and resume for consideration to:

"NY Connection is the best investment I have made in my acting career." -Julia Roux, past NY Connection participant

Our NY Connection is a 3-Day SHOWCASE that's jam packed with the GUARANTEED ATTENDANCE of INDUSTRY GUESTS who are the movers and shakers in the New York entertainment arena. Plus, the opportunity to film an Interrogation Scene to add to your demo or as a clip for submissions.

Whether you are considering a move to NYC or you already live here, this is the opportunity to guarantee yourself a networking opportunity, improve your auditioning skills and current material as well as showcase your artistry and talent. This program makes for the perfect time to get your feet wet, introduce yourself to a wide variety of industry guests, capitalize on being a "fresh face" for new projects, be seen by some of New York's Top Agents and Casting Directors and get a taste of what NYC may have in store for you and your future career.

Event Highlights:

3 Full Days of networking and showcasing your talent
6 Casting Director Intensives from Film, TV, Broadway and Commercials
6 Talent Agents to showcase to for Film, TV, Broadway and Commercials
1 Business seminar: "Finding the PERFECT Talent Agent for YOU"

By Approval Only, limited to 20 qualified performers (ages 18+)
$695 for the 3-Day program

**ONLY $275 additional charge for your Interrogation scene via Reproductions Video:
-30-60 second scene focused on you (80/20)
with professional light and sound
-Off-camera partner provided (audio only) for dialogue
-Be the cop, lawyer, witness, perp, or anyone else who fits in the scene!
-Read Sample Sides. Change the gender, customize, or bring your own sides
-30 min of filming // review your takes after the shoot
-3 business day turnaround, delivered via Vimeo

Please submit a picture and resume for consideration to:

Past Participant Testimonials and Success Stories:

"An unbelievable and unforgettable experience! The coaching, scene work, and sessions covering the business of the industry were phenomenal. I not only learned months of work over a 3-day period, but I also grew as an actor. I cannot express how much I appreciate all the help I received at this Showcase. I will definitely come back for another one and highly recommend it to all actors." -Catherine Valentine Parish

Callan Suozzi-Rearic"I am SIGNING with Avalon Artists Group NY as my legit agency! I met with Craig and the NY based agent at the company, Ellery, last Monday and they invited me to work with them on Thursday. I wanted to thank you SO much for NY Connection and everything you did to make me feel so supported." -Callan Suozzi-Rearic

Joshua Michael Payne"I'm officially SIGNING with Avalon Artists and Craig Holzberg and also FREELANCING with David McDermott of Jordan, Gill and Dornbaum all thanks to NY Connection! Couldn't have asked for a better result than coming away with both a commercial and legit agent. Thank you so much!" -Joshua Michael Payne

Whitney St. Ours"Elizabeth Berra contacted me to self tape for a feature film, following NY Connection! I have now received more invites and made more valuable connections thru Actors Connection, than any other studio of it's kind." -Whitney St. Ours

Steven Charles"I recommend NY CONNECTION to any actor who is willing to invest in themselves for the purpose of further building opportunities in this industry. I have no doubt I've made a mark with these Casting Directors and will receive positive responses from my follow-ups. Smiles across the board!" -Steven Charles

"NY Connection was a fantastic experience. I never had the privilege of having a NYC senior showcase through my college, so this was an amazing way to get in front of commercial and legit agents. Aside from all the invaluable information I've accumulated, I've got a meeting coming up with an agent!" - Alan Trinca, NY Connection participant

Travis Mitchell Travis Mitchell BOOKED a guest star on the new TV series SMALL MIRACLES from meeting Brette Goldstein, CD, Brette Goldstein Casting at our NY Connection Showcase!

LaToya FranklynLaToya Franklyn BOOKED a co-star role on an NBC Pilot from meeting Susanne Scheel, Casting Associate, Bowling/Miscia Casting and she's also now FREELANCING with Take 3 Talent and recently BOOKED a Pepsi web commercial from meeting Eddie Rabon at our NY Connection!

Vick Krishna"NY Connection was very informative and I loved the opportunity to understand the process and getting to know the people involved in the industry. I've learned a lot that I can apply to my career. And GOOD NEWS...I got a call for an INTERVIEW with Gina Manfredi from DDO Artists Agency!" -Vick Krishna

Raegan SehdevRaegan Sehdev SIGNED with Jordan, Gill and Dornbaum in both the Legit and Commercial departments from meeting David McDermott, Commercial Agent at our NY Connection Showcase!

Sumayya AliSumayya Ali SIGNED with Take 3 Talent from meeting Eddie Rabon, Agent at our NY Connection!

Adam Zuniga is now FREELANCING with DDO Artists Agency as a result of meeting Jerry Kallarakkal, Agent at our NY Connection!

"I just received an AUDITION for a Chinese Heritage Commercial after meeting Eve Battaglia at the NY Connection December event!" - Natalie Vero

Kerri Rose is now SIGNED with The Bloc Agency after meeting Jim Daly, Agent at our Pilot Season NY Connection Showcase!

Anthony Michael SIGNED with The Lisa Lax Agency from meeting Lisa, Legit Agent at our Fall NY Connection!

Christina Chaplygina SIGNED with Judy Boals Inc. after meeting Judy at our Fall NY Connection Showcase!

Michael Alban SIGNED with CESD from meeting Lakey Wolf, Commercial Agent at our Spring NY Connection!

David Carranza BOOKED a national commercial for MACARONI GRILL from meeting Barry Shapiro, CD, Herman-Lipson Casting at our Fall NY Connection!

I learned so much more than I have in years of working in this industry. Every last one of the Casting Director's were kind and insightful and genuine. The Agents were down to earth and easy to relate to. For the first time in my life I feel like I have a real shot and working in this industry toward greatness and I couldn't be more thankful!
-Shelby Sloan

"NY Connection was even more valuable than I thought it would be. Not only do you receive individualized input from industry professionals, but you leave with material that is perfect for you, a new, strong network of committed actors as well as connections with Casting Directors and Reps in NYC."
-Lauren LeBeouf

"NY Connection helped me understand how and why an actor's "type" is so important. I got the chance to learn how to use it to my advantage!"
-Daniel Washington

"Actors Connection NY Connection Pre-Pilot Season Showcase was intense, intimate, intimidating and inexplicably invaluable! If you are an actor looking to break into the NYC acting biz, do yourself a favor and do this or ANY workshop here. Best investment ever!!!"
-Tina Bell

"I am now freelancing with the commercial division of Take 3 Talent a week after attending NY Connection! Not only did this event prepare me for my interview but it's given me the tools I need to move forward and succeed in my acting career. This event is a must for the actor looking to kick his or her career in high gear."
-Talisa Patterson

"I've taken several workshops and participated in showcases at Actor's Connection, and each has been targeted in its content, and very valuable - I've signed with an agent coming out of one of the showcases, and also learned a lot and made some great connections with casting directors and other actors. I'm looking forward to continuing to take classes at AC!"
-Drew DeSimone

"The three day intensive was full of nuts and bolts information about the business I can readily apply. I regret not doing this years ago!"
-Meagan Moses

"The amount of knowledge passed on from the CDs and agents as well as the coaching and feedback has been superb, and it doesn't hurt that they were all just lovely people! I am extremely grateful to AC for working around my show schedule so that I could attend this event. Just awesome!"
-Tomo Lovric

"If there was anything I gained from this weekend it would be power. I got my power back. When I walk in the room now I feel like I own the place. I feel like my most confident self. And I think that for an actor is invaluable, especially in the New York market. To feel that you can walk in a room and give your best. I not only see, but I feel the whole audition process in a different way. It's no longer "asking for work", it's collaborating as artists. Which is what we all wanted to do in the first place!"
-David Seymour Newman, NY Connection participant

"Do yourself a favor and join Actors Connection's team for NY Connection. Not only are there established industry professionals to lead the sessions, but they also go to great lengths to filter through the actors that want to join NY Connection. After NY Connection, you will have a new family. I guarantee you'll feel less alone in perhaps the most daunting industry of them all."
-Mitchell Cetuk, Pre-Pilot Season Participant

"My most valuable takeaway from this weekend is that I now know I'm truly ready for the next level of my career. I know I can go in to a room and deliver not only a solid read, but an audition that allows my personality and brand to shine through in its own unique way. And the 'belief in myself' that I'm walking away with is a pretty special gift! "
-Rebecca Knowles

"After a two year hiatus from the industry I was nervous to return. I truly am grateful to have been able to take part in the NY Connection Showcase. Being surrounded by wonderful actors and people in the business really felt like home. Watching, learning, and being challenged again as an actor let me know I was back where I belong. Actors Connection gave me even more confidence to go after my dream again! Beyond thankful!"
-Matthew William Ellis, Pilot Season NY Connection participant

"Thank you again for all of your help over the weekend. Especially with the coordination of my headshots! I'm glad I got feedback on it. The program was great and I learned so much!"
-Maya Grant, Pilot Season NY Connection participant

"I have only lived in NYC for two months, but thanks to NY Connection I feel like I have a practical, informed, excting plan of action to get to take the next steps in my career. The insight, skill, and connections I developed over just one weekend, would have taken me years to develop without the help of Actors Connection! I left feeling hopeful, energized, and ready to take on this profession!"
-Megan Fitzgerald, Pilot Season NY Connection participant

"I received so much valuable information from the Casting Director's point of view & got a better perspective on how to approach my next audition. I received good feedback from the Agents, which has fueled me to push harder in making my dream career a reality. NY Connection was an experience that confirmed acting is where I belong. "
-Jessica Espinal, Pilot Season NY Connection participant

"I don't think I could have asked for a better experience than NY CONNECTION. I learned a TON. I couldn't stop taking notes. And it is so helpful to see the video clips our work afterwards! I was also able to meet (and even impress) some amazing industry professionals I would never have been able to get in a room with any other way. None of this would have been possible without your efforts and the absolutely incredible team of people you collected. So sincerely, thank you."
-Julie Cohn, Pilot Season NY Connection participant

"Very happy with the new contacts I've made and overall knowledge about the business I was able to gain thru NY Connection. Most of all, auditioning in front of Talent Agents was the biggest challenge and experience for me. Can't wait to be back and I'll definitely refer friends to Actors Connection as it is my new home for future acting training and auditions. You guys rock!"
-Sarah Kenny, NY Connection participant

"I'm now FREELANCING with Frontier Booking International after meeting Heather Finn, Agent at Actors Connection. Just wanted to forward that bit of good news along, and thanks again for a great three-day event this Summer!"
-Lara Hemingway, NY Connection participant

"NY Connection was an absolute game changer for my acting career. I have walked away from this phenomenal experience with new relationships, industry insights, AND a commercial audition already! NY Connection? Just do it!"
- Lamar Richardson, NY Connection participant

"The NY Connection weekend was a great way to motivate myself as a young actor, and gave me some really great hands-on practice. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a real orientation to the world that is their business."
- Harrison Buzzatto, NY Connection participant

"I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent at NY Connection. After merely three days, I find myself on track with clear direction and tools for achieving my career goals."
-Tashi Thomas, NY Connection participant

"I honestly had a life changing experience working with the phenomenal lineup of teachers and Casting Directors at NY Connection. I learnt SO much and was finally able to get a proper mental grasp on the New York industry. Most importantly, the experience confirmed my passion and made me realize that New York is 110% the place for me."
-Brittany Barnes, Pilot Season NY Connection participant

"Being new to the New York market and not knowing the Casting Directors can be challenging for any actor. I was referred to NY Connection and have met serious professionals that are huge in the industry. Right away I got an email from Shorey who helped me polish my resume to prepare for the 3-day Intensive. She was very helpful and the entire staff are friendly at the office. I would recommend Actors Connection to any actor looking to elevate their career. I met fantastic Casting Directors that I now maintain relationships with. I also met Talent Agents and have learned what they are looking. It's a comfortable environment where everyone is supportive of each other's success."
-Myra Borja, Pilot Season NY Connection participant

"NY Connection was one of the best events I've attended as an actor. The guest list is great and varied, the feedback invaluable (and sometimes brutally, refreshingly honest) and the networking can't be beat. I came away from this weekend re-energized and with new goals for my career, as well as new tools and advice to achieve those goals. I would recommend this event to anyone who really thinks they are ready to take the next step in their career!"
-Katie Downey, Pilot Season NY Connection participant

"The overall information obtained was invaluable and the Agents could not have been more helpful in their answers to questions and evaluations. I can't imagine where you could get more information and assessment in a single weekend."
-John Pickett, Pilot Season NY Connection participant

"I learned soooo much and had such an incredible experience throughout the three days. I grew a lot; not just as an actress but also as a was an invaluable experience for me. Also, Matthew Maisto called me in for an audition last week for a pilot! Success all around."
-Vishani Miller, Pilot Season NY Connection participant

"I wanted to update you on a really cool thing. I just got CAST in a feature film that Tiffany Little Canfield cast. She spoke to Ann at Judy Boals and they talked about how they both met me at the NY Connection Showcase at AC. It is coming up on one year since I had the wonderful opportunity to be in the showcase, meet you and start the journey that would bring me here to NYC. Thank you again for all of your guidance and support."
-Myrna Caballo, Pilot Season NY Connection participant

"This past weekend participating in NY connection was nothing short of a huge success. The program ran seamlessly (thanks to you), the guest CD's and agents were immensely informative and helpful and I made good and genuine friends!! I so look forward to returning to actors connection and seeing what comes out of this brilliant weekend. Again, THANK YOU!"
-Jamie Erin Plancher , Pilot Season NY Connection participant

"NY Connection has been one of the best workshops I have attended since moving to NYC from Sydney, Australia. I met with top Agents and Casting Directors who are all so lovely, supportive and gave valuable guidance over the three days. I walked away from feeling more confident about how the industry works, how to market myself, auditioning and cold reads."
-Leanne Watson, NY Connection participant

"NY Connection was exactly what I needed! Making the transition to New York can be challenging, but luckily I got a head start with NY Connection. I got to show my work to a wonderful variety of Industry Professionals and the amount of knowledge and advice I received was beyond helpful. I now feel more confident making the move to NYC."
-Liana Montoro, Pilot Season NY Connection participant