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SHOWCASE to 4 TOP NY Legit Agents and 1 CD ALL in 1 NIGHT!

Monday, February 26th at 7pm
Looking for representation? These 5 HUGE industry giants will be focusing on your talents for legit (film, TV and theater) work.
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Broadway Connection

3 Day Musical Theater Showcase in NYC

February 24th-26th, 2018 with 12 Casting Directors, Musical Directors and Agents


Please submit a picture and resume for consideration to:

"Absolutely worth the investment! Broadway Connection was the best move I could have made just coming out of school!" -Christina Aranda, Broadway Connection participant, AMDA graduate

Broadway Connection is a 3-Day Showcase jam packed with Broadway's TOP Casting Directors, Conductors, Musical Directors and Talent Agents. Plus, you'll have an opportunity to hear from today's Broadway Stars!

Now is the time to introduce yourself to ACTIVELY WORKING Broadway Casting Directors looking for talent and capitalize on being a "fresh face" for new projects. Whether you're considering a move to New York City or you already live here, with Broadway Connection you'll be networking, improving your auditioning skills, and showcasing your talent to the BEST of Broadway!

Event highlights:

Intensives with Casting Directors & Musical Directors
Meet & Showcase to 4 NY Musical Theater Agents
Business Seminar: "Find The Perfect Talent Agent for YOU"
Meet and Learn from the Broadway Stars!

By Approval Only, limited to 16 qualified performers (ages 18+)
$695 for the 3 Day program

Past industry guests have included:

Telsey + Company
Tara Rubin Casting
Stewart/Whitley Casting
Elissa Myers Casting

bloc nyc
Avalon Artists Group
Judy Boals, Inc.

Please submit a picture and resume for consideration to:


Past Participant Testimonials and Success Stories:

Maria KonstantinidisMaria Konstantinidis SIGNED with Hudson Artists Agency through our September 2017 Broadway Connection!

Casi RiegleCasi Reigel SIGNED with Ivy Rock Management after meeting Ann Kelly at our Fall 2015 Broadway Connection and just BOOKED the National Tour of Kinky Boots!

CooperCooper BOOKED the title role of THE PHANTOM in the 25th Anniversary tour of Phantom of the Opera from meeting and SIGNING with Renee Glicker, Agent/Owner, About Artists at our Broadway Connection!
-Cooper Grodin

Seeley StephensSeeley Stephens SIGNED with Avalon Artists Group after meeting Craig Holzberg, Agent/Owner at Broadway Connection!

Sabrina Marlene"I can't even begin to thank you enough for your help and insight since Broadway Connection. I was able to secure my spot and with SIGN an agent, Dustin Flores at The Mine as a result of your guidance. I'm happy to recommend Actors Connection as I love what the company stands for. I can't wait to return for more classes!"
-Sabrina Marlene

Christina "I SIGNED with Renee Glicker, Agent/Owner, About Artists from meeting her at Broadway Connection!"
-Christina Aranda

Tom "I SIGNED with About Artists from meeting Renee Glicker at Broadway Connection. I ended up getting a dance callback for Jersey Boys from meeting Merri Sugarman, CD, Tara Rubin Casting. Thank you so much!"
-Tom Hennes

Brian"I am freelancing with About Artists, with the hopes of signing from meeting Renee Glicker, Agent/Owner at the June Musical Theater Connection."
-Brian Marchetti

Natalie Arneson"I had a blast at Broadway Connection. Getting to work in a master class setting with some of the most prominent casting directors and music directors in the biz validated my own belief in myself and gave me buckets of confidence. I know I can walk into any audition without a doubt in my mind that I am prepared and that I can do a great job. Getting to talk to working Broadway actors was inspiring, but also a reminder that just because you "make it" doesn't mean you get to stop working. You have to always be making connections, putting yourself out there, and "marketing your brand." I loved it!" -Natalie Arneson

MariaPedro"Broadway Connection was such an incredible experience for me. I was just transitioning into the City and this workshop really inspired me & helped me get my foot in the door. Not only were the Casting Directors real connections, but also the other actors I met were terrific, too! PLUS I have to mention I SIGNED with a Talent Agency, Judy Boals, Inc. as a result of Broadway Connection. It's amazing!"-Maria Pedro

DominiqueGrelsamer"I had an incredibly positive experience with Broadway Connection this weekend and I will be on the lookout for more Talent Agent nights. I learned a TON and made some new friends in the industry!"
-Dominique Grelsamer

"Taking part in Broadway Connection gave me the opportunity to get constructive feedback on what's working for me (song choices, acting choices) and what I need to work on moving forward. I also learned a lot about audition etiquette (the proper way of marking a score for audition cuts, how to interact with the accompanist, your overall presentation). Not only does Broadway Connection give you good exposure, but it also provides you with valuable information on what it takes to work in this Business"
-Brittany DiNardo

"Broadway Connection was a wonderful experience and great use of time. I now know exactly what I can control and focus my energy on those elements and in recent weeks have had several successful auditions applying what I learned!"
-Christina Eskridge

"Thank you so much for an awesome weekend! I learned so much and feel much more confident in my audition skills even though there is always more work to be done. Every single guest was awesome. I've done agent nights through other studios where the feedback was so vague that I got nothing out of it. I think the immediate feedback is key in a situation like that. Thanks again and I look forward to more work at Actors Connection."
-Geoffrey Mergele

"I learned so much about the specifics of this Industry, that I would have never realized by just going to endless auditions."
-Katy Wilson"

"I am new to NY, so this was the perfect introduction into the business over here. Thank you for everything! Broadway Connection was amazing experiences. Every Casting Director was so nice and encouraging, while still giving such great and helpful feedback. I know I'm a better performer and a better auditioner now. It will be so wonderful to walk into an audition room and see a familiar face behind the table".
-Kelsey Hailen

"Broadway Connection was a high impact career weekend; A great way to meet Casting Directors from the major offices, and show what you took from those workshops to Agents. This weekend was a fantastic jumping off point to start a career in the City, or to reintroduce yourself after being away."
-Rachel Jones

"All the Casting Directors at Broadway Connection treated us with a lot of respect and as professionals, which was refreshing. I had a super positive experience with the Talent Agents and got a lot of valuable insight on the direction to take my current 'rebranding'."
-Janice Picconi

"Broadway Connection was fantastic. I was so glad to have been in an environment of serious minds interested in the same professional goals. What a wonderful way to make contact with other artists trying to better their skills. The professional critiquing was incredibly beneficial."
-Meredith Davis

"I attended a dance call the day after Broadway Connection, got kept to sing, and performed my audition cut with a newfound confidence. I walked out of the room feeling great. Also, Michael Cassara Casting called me in for an AUDITION APPOINTMENT tomorrow- so realizing the networking aspects of the event!"
-Jon Yepez

"Thank you so much for an amazingly educational and eye opening weekend! I learned more about myself and what I need for furthering my career than I even thought possible. The industry guest panel was especially helpful in seeing how the "current stars" balance life with career and stay grounded and true to themselves."
-Maggie Baer

"I'd like to thank you for what has been the most profound and beneficial experience that I could have had at Actors Connection. I was provided with incredible insight that I would not have found anywhere else. Broadway Connection helped me discover who I am and what I truly want, as an actor and a performer."
-Keith Weiss

"This course is the BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE FOR MY CAREER! The guests addressed my fears about the industry and doubts I had about myself. I walked out completely inspired and motivated to make my dreams come true."
-Kat Ross

"Broadway Connection was EYE-OPENING! The advice and experience gained makes me more confident in auditions. The connection with Casting Directors and Talent Agents is invaluable."
-Stacy Shirk

"Broadway Connection has re-energized me about Broadway. The intensives were honest and informative and reminds us that we are all just living breathing human beings!"
-Elora Dannon Rosch

"Broadway Connection lets you experience the auditioning world of Broadway. Meeting industry professionals, singing for Agents, Musical Directors and Casting Directors are packed into a wonderfully organized 3 day Intensive. Actors Connection is a terrific support the whole way through."
-Helen Donaldson

"Thank you for this recent Broadway Connection weekend! Those unanswered frustrating questions I've had for the past 2 years have been answered in less than 3 days. I feel like a new performer! I'm glad I pushed myself to grow as a performer. Thank you for taking a chance on a dancer to challenge to work new levels. I can't explain the extent of my gratitude I have to you and this program!"
-Kalen Sakima