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SHOWCASE to 4 TOP NY Legit Agents and 1 CD ALL in 1 NIGHT!

Monday, February 26th at 7pm
Looking for representation? These 5 HUGE industry giants will be focusing on your talents for legit (film, TV and theater) work.
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LA Connection

7 Day Pilot Season Showcase in LOS ANGELES!

Next session: PILOT SEASON 2018
February 19th - February 25th with 18 Casting Directors and Agents - SOLD OUT!

670la If you are interested, please inquire regarding the WAITLIST as a space might become available!

For more information on our upcoming PILOT SEASON Los Angeles showcase, please email:

"LA Connection was the BEST way I can imagine possible to transition to the Los Angeles market!" -Jade Froeder, past LA Connection participant

Whether you're looking to transition into the LA Market, currently live in Los Angeles or you're just testing the waters, LA Connection GUARANTEES you the opportunity to showcase, privately interview, meet with a minimum of 18 Casting Directors and Agents and attend in-depth Q&A's with EVERY Industry Guest.

This unbelievable 7-day program, designed to advance your career on the West Coast, will answer any unresolved questions you may have regarding your potential as an actor in the largest film & TV market in the world!

Event highlights:

7 Days of networking and showcasing your talent
18 Incredible Guests from the most prominent companies in Los Angeles
Master Classes featuring one-on-one private interviews, the opportunity to showcase your work to LA's TOP CD's and Agents and in-depth Q&A's with every industry guest
Feedback and adjustments on your work
An LA Orientation including a discussion of the west coast market, the idiosyncrasies between LA/NY, the ins and outs of surviving in LA, and valuable insider information from the other working actors who have successfully made the transition to Los Angeles

By Audition, Referral or Submission Only


Past industry guests have included:

Linda Lowy Casting (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder)
Barden/Schnee Casting (Spotlight, The Help, August: Osage County, Pitch Perfect 2)
Greenstein/Daniel Casting (The Odd Couple, Kevin From Work, Superstore)
Isaacson and Souliere Casting (Scream, Midnight, Texas, Famous in Love)
Telsey + Co. (This is Us, Conviction, Atypical)
Sherie Hernandez Casting (Playing House, Teachers, Key & Peele)
Jeff Greenberg Casting (Modern Family)

The Gersh Agency
Avalon Artists Group
The House of Reps
Bauman, Redanty & Shaul/Gage
DDO Agency
Abrams Artists

To receive detailed information on the "LA Connection" please email Christopher Dietrich, President at


Past Participant Testimonials and Success Stories:

"As you know I had a meeting with Orion, and turns out we vibed so well that we both decided to give it a go. I'm signed across the board with Rogers Orion Talent Agency!! He sent me out almost immediately. I already had a callback for a McDonalds national commercial, and I had a 2nd callback for a production of The Mountaintop being produced at San Diego Rep!! Who said good theatre was only in NYC? Also, Scott David called me in to a producers session for a co-star on Criminal Minds. Good things are happening, & much of it is directly attributed to the industry guests I met while at the LA Connection. It is a program that works and can garner results for those who are serious about advancing in their career. My fellow cohorts in the program were also a valuable resource. I was surprised to find out how much I could learn from my peers. They are people who become not only fast friends, but potential collaborators in the future as well. Christopher is a mentor who encourages success of each and every person in the program. His fervor and enthusiasm is a motivating force parallel to none. Anything is possible with this man in your corner. ;-) Thanks for making this possible, Christopher."

Jade"I want to thank you for arranging LA Connection. This showcase was the BEST way I can imagine possible to transition to the LA market. The number of guests we met and the caliber of all of them was extraordinary and overwhelming! It would've taken me over a year, at least, to meet all of the people we met in only 7 days because each day was so jam-packed with workshops with top LA casting directors. I also am happy and grateful to have met agent, Orion Barnes of Rogers Orion Talent Agency at LA Connection who has since signed me across the board! I have heard many actors can go years once they arrive in LA before signing with an agent, but LA Connection enabled me to get signed only one month after moving here! I can't say enough good things about LA Connection as the perfect transition into the LA market for any actor. I also want to acknowledge how WONDERFUL you personally made the experience; your enthusiasm and passion for actors shined in the weeks leading up to and throughout our boot camp week in LA. Thank you for all of your work, and if you are an actor who is SERIOUS about making it in LA - LA Connection is the way to get started! I can't wait to see where it all leads. Thanks, Christopher!"

Dana"As someone who took a six year hiatus from the industry, this was the best career move of my life. Going to LA with Actors Connection, not only allowed me to make connections with casting directors and agents, but it rejuvenated my spirit, my hunger to succeed, and my confidence as an actor. It can be helpful to uproot yourself from your home-base in order to get a different perspective from the other coast, whether you decide to move to LA or not. I ended up getting called in by Orion Barnes from the Rogers Orion Agency, and also made lifelong friends and industry connections with the other actors in my group. All and all LA Connection was a beneficial and fruitful experience."

Lauren S"I too wanted to thank you for all of your careful planning and detailed efforts on the Actors Connection LA Trip. Not only did I have an incredible time, get a high speed, condensed intro to LA, and meet tons of people, but I was also called in by 2 casting directors and booked one of the jobs. All that and I now have a circle of tight-knit, supportive, wonderful people here in Los Angeles. As a result, two of those people are now my partners in a new production company and we have written the first draft of our first feature screenplay. All this in a matter of 3 months from setting foot on Cali soil. You have helped me to change the trajectory of my life and career. Thank you."

AMB2"I wanted to thank you again for all the patience, time, and planning you put into the LA Connection. Thank You. I just booked a Guest Star role! Again, Thank You. Now the SAG goal is achieved. We shoot next Friday! The LA Connection has just paid for itself!"

sal"This has been life changing and I just wanted to put into words how wonderful the LA Connection experience was. I have been telling all my LA friends about it and they can't believe the jump start I got into the LA market. After the LA Connection week, Bob Lambert called me as in a recurring role, Sherie Hernandez from Greenstein/Daneil Casting called me in for a new series and I got called in for a meeting with Brian Duensing from Talentworks. Thanks again!"

Amanda"Just got back to NYC and wanted to write to thank you again, so much, for everything you did for us during LA Connection. It was such an amazing experience! I'm so excited to be moving to LA ASAP and that decision had so much to do with how wonderful LA Connection was for me. Not only the industry people we met, but also the other incredible actors I got to work with and who I can now call family - seriously. So, thank you again."

Andy "I want to thank you so very much for everything you've done and continue to do for this program and all of us 'strangers in a strange land.' As I constantly rave about the whole experience to my friends and family, I realize over and over that on my own, I could never have seen, talked to, and auditioned for the sheer number and quality of guests you presented to me last week. I hope I was able to live up to your reputation and help you shine in their eyes even more than you already do. I'm living here in LA now, so please, please don't hesitate to ask if there's ever anything I can do for you. What you have done for me is priceless."

Wilder "Thank you so much for including me in this amazing program. I truly had a blast! I learned so much in the past week and I also feel an enormous confidence boost in my auditioning skills. The program you put together was truly magical and I'm already deep in withdrawal. You were such a positive support and the heart of the group. I am so excited to see what the future holds for all of us. I'm looking forward to more LA programs for Actors Connection! Being in this program truly made me feel like taking my acting career to the next level is possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you! "

Stacie"Thank you so much for everything this week! The workshops were amazing! This opportunity meant a great deal to me, and I am truly appreciative. You have been extremely supportive, kind, and generous to me. Your believing in me helped me believe in myself, which is an invaluable gift. I will never forget it. Yesterday, I booked a role on Criminal Minds! It's no coincidence that I had just seen Scott David at LA Connection, which, of course, was because of you! Thank you so much!"

zach"I just had to thank you again for what was truly an INCREDIBLE week. I did some of the best work I have ever done for the casting directors, agents, and managers, and it was because you set the tone for us on the very first day we all met each other as well as your role in the program throughout the entire week. I could not have done it without such a wonderful support system. Thank you so much."

Heather Schmidt SIGNED with Bobby Ball Agency for Commercial Representation and SIGNED with Rogers Orion for Theatrical Representation.

Alisha Soper SIGNED with CESD for Commercial Print and SIGNED with The House of Reps for On Camera Commercial In addition, she BOOKED work on Days of our Lives, BOOKED work on Grey's Anatomy was brought in my Kelli Lerner Casting and Greenstein/Daniel Casting.

Deborah Meister BOOKED a role on a series after meeting Kelli Lerner.

Adam Charlton BOOKED a role on a new series after meeting Kelli Lerner!

Suzann Petrongolo BOOKED a role on a new series after meeting Kelli Lerner!

Rosie De Candia was offered to SIGN with Rogers/Orion Talent Agency!

Jennifer DiBella is now RECURRING on Grey's Anatomy after meeting Jamie Castro of Linda Lowy Casting!

J.Elaine Marcos went straight to Producers for Criminal Minds, was called in by Sherie Hernandez of Greenstein/Daniel Casting for an episode of Chasing Life, and has a meeting with The House of Reps!

Kate Stone has MEETINGS with The House of Reps, CESD, Talentworks, KMR and was called in by Scott David for an episode of Criminal Minds!

Elana Justin SIGNED with The House of Reps after meeting Indra Armstrong Clark!

Zachary Miller BOOKED Days of Our Lives after meeting Bob Lambert!

Sara Minerd SIGNED with Commercial Talent Agency and has booked numerous days on Days of Our Lives after meeting Bob Lambert!

Elizabeth June SIGNED across the board with Orion Barnes, Agent, Rogers Orion Agency!

Nikki Howard SIGNED with Sheila DiMarco, Agent/Owner, Commercial Talent Agency. She was also called in by Indra Armstrong Clark of The House of Reps.

John Mooney SIGNED with Orion Barnes for theatrical representation!

Michael Heckler BOOKED an U/5 on Days of Our Lives after meeting Bob Lambert, Assoc. CD, Days of Our Lives!

Julia Max was SIGNED by Indra Armstrong Clark of The House of Reps!

Stacie Greenwell BOOKED a costar on Criminal Minds after meeting Scott David, CD!

Lauren Schacher BOOKED a U/5 after meeting Bob Lambert, Assoc. CD, All My Children and was brought in by Helen Geier for a costar on Dexter!

Gary Brintz SIGNED with Craig Holzberg, Agent/Owner, Avalon Artists Group for Theatrical representation!

Erin Dowling SIGNED with Craig Holzberg, Agent/Owner, Avalon Artists Group for Theatrical representation!

Krystal Marshall BOOKED a large co-star on Criminal Minds after meeting Scott David from April Webster Casting! She was also courted by David Rhee, Agent, KTA for possible representation. In addition, Krystal was also called in by Lisa Pantone for a Commercial audition!

Greg Miller SIGNED across the board in LA with Craig Holzberg, Owner/Agent, Avalon Artis Group!

Michael Buonomo BOOKED a costar on the series Criminal Minds from meeting Scott David, CD, April Webster Casting!

Noah Longo was brought in for a McDonalds Commercial after meeting Lisa Pantone, CD. Brought in for an upcoming film by Paul Paulo, CD. Signed with Craig Holzberg, Agent/Owner, Avalon Artists. Brought in for additional meeting with Sheila DiMarco, Agent/Owner, Commercial Talent Agency!

Stephen Tyrone Williams SIGNED with Craig Holzberg, Agent/Owner, Avalon Artists. Was brought in by Scott David, April Webster Casting for an upcoming episode of Criminal Minds. Also brought in for an upcoming episode of House, by Stephanie Laffin, CD, Amy Lippins Casting!

Pat Connolly BOOKED a co-star on Criminal Minds after meeting Scott David from April Webster Casting!

Kyle Zingler SIGNED with Ryan Glasgow of Bohemia Entertainment!

Stephen Pollack SIGNED with Bohemia Entertainment after meeting Ryan Glasgow, Manager. Stephen was also signed by Sheila DiMarco, Agent/Owner of Commercial Talent Agency. In addition, he was brought in for a series regular on a Pilot upon recommendation from the Manager of Casting at Lifetime Network!

Misha Gonzales SIGNED with Craig Holzberg, Agent/Owner of Avalon Artists Group!

Jeff Silver SIGNED with Renee Panichelli, Personal Manager and Owner of Freeze Frame Entertainment!

Andrew Lee SIGNED with Commercial Talent Agency!

Christina Gianaris BOOKED a co-star on Medical Investigation after meeting Sherry Thomas of Bialy-Thomas Casting!

Emily Burton BOOKED a principal role in the indie feature "Out at the Wedding" from meeting Lee Friedlander, Producer/Director!

To receive detailed information on the "LA Connection" please call our office at 212-776-4900 ext.110 to speak with Christopher Dietrich, Executive Director or email

Hollywood signActors Connection is in full compliance and BONDED (#14-SUR-140824) with the State of California. Taking a class, special event or workshop at Actors Connection IS NOT a guarantee of employment, an audition or the guarantee of obtaining a talent agent or manager.