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What People Are Saying About This "Free at Three" Series:

"I had a top NY manager reach out to me with regard to representation. When we finally spoke, via zoom, the fact that I had been so busy attending your webinars and taking online AC classes, really impressed him. To make a long story short, I am now being represented by him. I have also been in touch with several casting directors that I have gotten to know through AC. Because of your free at three series, I have an ongoing relationship with these CDs and was able to email and inform them of my new representation.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that during this crazy time, if actors take advantage of all the free online webinars and classes, things can happen if you put in the work. "

-William Day

"I just want to thank Actors Connection for hosting the “free at three” series. It really has been a joy to watch during this quarantine. It was there that I met Wayne Gasser and watched his Q&A session. He seemed like such an awesome, genuine manager so I signed up for his one on one seminar via Zoom and had the pleasure of performing a scene for him. We connected extremely well and he loved my look! We stayed in touch and I took two of his cold reading classes via Zoom before he decided to sign me and become my manager! It wouldn’t have been possible without Actors Connection making the introduction so thank you so much!"

-Stephanie Terrero, June 2020

"I attended an Actors Connection Free at Three with Brent Duncan from PureFlare Agency on July 13, and emailed him right after. On July 21, I was approached by Erica Noriega from his agency, and last week on Aug 6 I signed with them for a year for theatrical representation! This was directly thanks to AC and I couldn’t be more grateful!"

-Ron Erel, August 2020

Past Teachers Include:

  • Jeremy Sickles, Agent, Daniel Hoff Agency
  • Laura Snell, Soho Shakespeare Company
  • Michael Cassara, Casting Director
  • Caroline Sinclair, Casting Director
  • Women in the Arts and Media Coalition
  • Lain Kunin, Casting Director
  • Charlie Sandlan, Acting Teacher, Maggie Flanigan Studio
  • Matt Maisto, Casting Director
  • ​Darren Dunstan, Casting Director & Voice Director
  • ​Diakeim Lyles, Casting Director
  • ​Christine Kromer, Casting Director
  • ​Jack Bowdan, Casting Director
  • Leila Sbitani, Entertainment Correspondent, Media Coach
  • Lauren Bass, Casting Director
  • Rebecca Birstock, Casting Director
  • Stephen Mitchell, Acting Coach
  • RJ Magee, Casting Director
  • Allison Kirschner, Casting Associate
  • Malissa Young, Manager
  • Martin Bentsen, Marketing and Branding Consultant

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PLUS when you join today we'll give you our Actors Checklist for FREE that includes the 48 things you need to be taken seriously and land jobs consistently in this industry!