Actors Connection has been providing acting classes in NYC for kids since 1991, offering training, advice, and experience to actors of all ages. We can connect you and your talented child with casting directors, talent agents, and actors from Broadway, television, and screen. We open doors for talented children of any age. Our acting classes offer connections with top directors, personal managers, and casting directors, as well as successful graduates — working actors of all ages — from our various programs and opportunities. Whether your interests lie in commercials, television, big screen, or Broadway stage, we can provide your child with the training, exposure, and connections you will need. Our quality audition technique classes will prepare your child to take his or her first steps into this highly competitive field.

Kids Without The Right Drama Training?

In our children’s theater classes, all the essential topics for success are covered: how to get a professional agent; the difference between agents and managers; how to get a manager; how to prepare for an audition; breaking into the business through commercials; musical theatre; get started in commercial print; how to be a professional child actor; what it’s like to be a kid working with and among adults on Broadway; what to do during auditions; how to present yourself for photography and head-shots; the best way to format an effective resume; how to work in both television and film. We will give you and your child the best strategies for auditioning specifically for Disney, Nickelodeon and other major networks. Our training covers the business of acting for children ages eight to seventeen.

“Showbiz Secrets” Offers Free Seminars for Parents Interested in Making Their Child a Star

Launching a child’s career on the stage, commercials or film is no easy feat. Find out more about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for your child. Actors Connection offers free seminars for parents interested in enrolling their children in acting classes. Our “Showbiz Secrets” explain what goes into the making of a child star, providing you everything you need to know about the road that lies ahead. It’s a great way to explore the possibilities before you make the commitment. Becoming a child star is not easy, but if your child has the talent and the ambition, Actors Connection is here to help. We help dreams become reality, providing the training, the connections, and the stage experience to help your child become a star.