In Actors Connection’s acting classes for children, we offer unique Cabaret and Showcase programs where kids have the chance to perform material they love in New York City venues for live audiences. These opportunities put them in the spotlight on stage where they can strut their stuff and show off their best talented efforts, performing songs, monologues, even entire scenes. This is the chance your child needs to show off his or her special area of talent: singing, dancing, acting. The audiences for these performances will of course include industry guests to give your child exposure to the professionals in the position to give him or her that first big break in the business.

What is your child’s winning talent? Does she sing like an angel? Does he dance like Sammy Davis, Jr.? In our showcase programs, the mic will highlight her voice; the spot light will focus on his moves. This opportunity during our children’s theater showcase will not be in a high school gym or small community theater, but in a New York City venue just a few blocks from the Broadway Big Time! All this for the benefit and exposure with entertainment professionals looking for the next generation’s shining star. In this tough business, your child needs every chance to shine in the spotlight, and we will provide that chance for him, for her early.

Actors Connection’s Audition Classes for Children

For your child to land that big break, he or she must first master the audition. Actors Connection features audition classes for kids to help them nail their audition and land the part that launches their career. Some sessions are led by casting professionals, such as Meghan Rafferty, a casting director for HBO, Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese to name a few. In addition to learning the secrets to pulling off the perfect audition, your child will also have a ball. They’re children, after all, and they should learn and experience the fun of drama. Many of our sessions end with a pizza party to reward them for their hard work and talent.