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with Patricia Stark, Broadcast Talent Agent / Talent Coach & Trainer, Jamie Carroll, CD, Jamie Carroll Casting (HGTV) PLUS Showcase to our BIGGEST PANEL YET!

Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th
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About Us

Actors Connection is the largest educational and networking studio in NYC. With over 200 seminars, classes and special events each month, the studio has connected actors with leading talent agents, casting directors and personal managers since 1991. Whether an actor is striving to improve auditioning skills, focusing on new areas of the acting business, seeking representation or simply networking, Actors Connection provides all the necessary tools for success.

Networking Seminars

Our seminars are held almost every night of the week and are amazing opportunities to meet and showcase to a wide variety of industry guests from all areas of the business. You'll find that no other networking studio can compare to our lineup of guests, our professional atmosphere and our excellent and efficient staff.

Looking to improve your auditioning skills?

Actors Connection offers a wide variety of audition technique CLASSES and SPECIAL EVENTS designed to improve your skills in specific areas. From film and television, to commercials and soaps, to theatre and voice-overs, these classes are taught by some of New York City's top casting directors, agents and industry professionals. You'll work with pros who see actors daily and come here at night to bring their expertise to a classroom setting, giving you individualized feedback that will immediately impact your career.

Affordable Acting School in New York

Actors Connection prides itself on offering the best acting classes at the best price, giving you the most bang for your buck. So if you're looking for cheap acting classes in New York City, check out our current classes.

Have you thought about LA?

Don't miss out on our LA CONNECTION—a 7-day program to explore and experience the west coast! Highlights include a thorough exploration of the Los Angeles market, learning how to thrive in LA as well as valuable inside information from LA actors who have successfully made the move. Plus, you'll enjoy seminars consisting of one-on-one interviews with the opportunity to showcase to a wide variety of agents and casting directors from some of the most prominent companies in Los Angeles. If you've been on the fence about whether to make the transition, this program will help you test the waters and determine whether this important career decision is the one for you.


The NY Connection is a 3-Day SHOWCASE that's jam packed with the GUARANTEED ATTENDANCE of INDUSTRY GUESTS who are the movers and shakers in the New York entertainment arena. Whether you are considering a move to NYC or you already live here, this is a guaranteed networking opportunity and a chance to improve your auditioning skills and current material while showcasing your artistry and talent. This program makes for the perfect time to get your feet wet, introduce yourself to a wide variety of industry guests, capitalize on being a "fresh face" for new projects, be seen by some of New York's Top Agents and Casting Directors and get a taste of what NYC may have in store for you and your future career.


BROADWAY CONNECTION is a 3-Day Showcase jam packed with Broadway's TOP Casting Directors, Conductors, Musical Directors and Talent Agents. Plus, you'll have an opportunity to hear from today's Broadway Stars!

Now is the time to introduce yourself to ACTIVELY WORKING Broadway Casting Directors looking for talent and capitalize on being a "fresh face" for new projects. Whether you're considering a move to New York City or you already live here, with Broadway Connection you'll be networking, improving your auditioning skills, and showcasing your talent to the BEST of Broadway!


When you register with Actors Connection, you'll be listed in our Casting Database. You'll also have instant access to our FREE Audition/Casting notices. Everyday we have Casting Directors, Directors, Producers and Talent Agents contacting us looking for specific types for their projects. Look who is using our casting database:

MARCI PHILLIPS, Executive Director of ABC Casting, Primetime
SUSANNE SCHEEL ELEAZER CSA, Casting Associate, Ellen Chenoweth Casting
KATHARINA EGGMANN, Director of Primetime Casting East Coast, CBS
REBECCA YARSIN, Casting Director, House Casting
BARRY SHAPIRO, Casting Director, Herman-Lipson Casting
DOUG KESTEN, Commercial Agent, Paradigm
ABBIE BRADY-DALTON, Casting Director, Telsey+Co.
EVE BATTAGLIA, Casting Director, Eve Battaglia Casting
BRETTE GOLDSTEIN, Casting Director, Brette Goldstein Casting
SIG DE MIGUEL, Casting Director, S2 Entertainment
STEVE VINCENT, Casting Director, S2 Entertainment
PAUL FOUQUET, Casting Director, Elissa Myers Casting
HARLEY KAPLAN, Casting Director, Kaplan/Powers Casting
TISHA IOLI, Casting Director
JUDY BOWMAN, Casting Director, Judy Bowman Casting
PAMELA KRAMER, Casting Director, Bradley Baron
JASON STEWART, Voice Over Agent, Stewart Talent NY
GINGER DICCE, Talent Agent, Ginger Dicce Talent Agency
GAYLE SEAY, Casting Director, Wojcik/Seay Casting
LISA MASON, Casting Director, QVC
STEVE STANCATO, Paladino Casting
ZAN LUDLUM, Zan Casting
TASHINA ZAMLOWSKI, True Model Management
DANIEL LOBUONO, Casting, Disney Cruise Lines
...just to name a few!

What are you waiting for?

For 24 years, Actors Connection has helped thousands of actors achieve their goals through education, networking and marketing programs. Our mission is to empower actors to have an acting career AND be financially successful at the same time!

Not sure what classes, seminars and special events you're ready for?
No problem. Actors Connection offers 30-minute complimentary program consultations. Our consultants will guide you into the appropriate programs for you at this time in your career.

Meet our program consultants:


Lorrie Odom

To set up an appointment to meet with Lorrie, please email:

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

To set up an appointment to meet with David, please email:


"The program consultations are fantastic. It helped me figure out exactly what changes I needed to make with my headshots and showed me which classes and seminars would be most beneficial to me."
-Ross Hochman

"It was AMAZING!!! I am so appreciative for the technical guidance. The suggestions about who to work with and what classes to take were a huge blessing for me in acquiring the necessary training and essential applicable technique and skills for TV and film. The intuitive pairing of teacher and actor was a gift."
-Skylar Larkyn

"Sitting down and talking with one of the program consultants was a fantastic start for me to kickstart my career in the US after having just moved from London. It was incredibly helpful and specific to my needs and helped me to understand (and make a smooth switch to) the industry here."
-Giulia Eve Flores

"They provided excellent advice as to the correct next steps and progression based on one's individual experience. The classes recommended were constructive and appropriate, but also provided a stretch for development and to move you along."
-Frank DiNapoli

"Meeting with the program consultant was invaluable for me to begin to navigate this business. Able to assess someone's strengths and weaknesses immediately, they tuned into the types of classes that I would need to use my time specifically at Actors Connection in the best way possible. If you want someone who is not only a kind person, but who provides the comfortability to ask all of your "stupid questions" to, they are the right people to help you take your career into your own hands."
-Katie Mack