Using Facebook to Boost Your Acting Career, pt. II

by Bob Johnson

Some (including Fortune magazine) have said that Facebook is taking over our lives. According to Facebook:

“Facebook has seen amazing growth in the past 12 months with now over 640 million users, 50% of active users logging in each day and 65 million users accessing the site through a mobile device. The site has now overtaken Google as the no 1 site visited on the web globally!”

So, how can you take advantage of Facebook to pursue your dream of acting in New York City — besides befriending casting directors, agents, directors, joining groups and more?

Well… one way to get noticed is to create a Facebook advertising campaign. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money and it could put your face in front of casting directors who log into Facebook.

Have you ever noticed that, when you log onto Facebook, there are some ads on the right hand side of the page? Have you ever noticed that the ads usually have to do with something that you are interested in (teeth whitening offers for alumni of the university that you went to from a dentist, an ad for a pit bull rescue organization if you have an interest in pit bulls, etc.)? It’s called “targeting.”

When you create a Facebook ad campaign (click here to learn more), you get to pick and choose who you would like to see your ad. You select who you are targeting when you create the ad. If you are a group of mommy punk rockers, for example, you can target your ad to people who are interested in punk rock.

You set a budget for the ad and you only pay when someone clicks your ad. A cabaret performer acquaintance of mine had a week-long gig at Feinstein’s at the Regency and decided to create a Facebook ad campaign to boost ticket sales. I believe he set a $300 budget for the campaign and, indeed, he saw a bump in ticket sales.

Imagine what you could happen if you put your face in front of a casting director every time he or she logged into his or her Facebook account? With targeting on Facebook, you can find out.

Acting in New York City can be a challenge, no doubt about it. Just because your face is in front of casting directors when he or she logs into Facebook, does not mean that you will get cast by that casting director. But, next time your head shot or post card comes across that casting director’s desk (or e-mail), you might look familiar. Plus, wouldn’t it be cool if that casting director clicked right to your website?

You never know what could happen. And what have you really got to lose? You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars, you can set your budget to $10/week — or $50 for the length of the campaign. How much have you spent on your acting career already? What’s an extra $10-50, right?

If you do decide to give it a try, let us know how it worked!


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