Box Office Fridays: The Dilemma

Have you wondered why I’m calling this “Box Office Fridays”? Well its because movies usually premier (with some exceptions) on a Friday AND my actor business development company is call Act Outside the BOX. Seemed a natural fit and I love to do things with alliteration, number sequences, colors…you know marketing CAN be creative!

One of the movies opening today is called The Dilemma, starring Kevin James, Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Connolly, Winona Ryder and Queen Latifah. This is a comedy directed by Ron Howard and here’s my dilemma – with this cast and director how can this possibly be anything other than a great movie, right? We’ll see. My theory being if it’s not written well, who cares? A GOOD or even GREAT film begins and ends with the script. I’m gonna check it out and see if writer Allan Loeb can pull it off.

In many of my seminars I talk about the need for actors to connect with people on the high end of the show business food chain. We’re so fascinated with making contact and creating visibility amongst agents and casting directors that we often forget those are the folks that are BETWEEN you and the work. Meaning neither can hire you, thus spending more time getting to know the players who THEY work for would benefit you.

Next time you go to the movies, watch a TV show or see some theater, please make note of the producers, directors and WRITERS of these projects. They are the ones that will ultimately be making or breaking your career. Agents and Casting Directors are an essential part of the process, but you’re doing yourself a disservice to not learn who the folks are that once the project is cast, REALLY run the show.

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Lisa Gold

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