Box Office Friday with Lisa Gold

OK folks, this isn’t the biggest weekend for movies, but hey, The Mechanic is finally here!  I’ve been hearing about this movie and it’s stars for the past few months but wasn’t really EAGERLY awaiting it’s release. Why not? I’ll explain.

Its got amazing star power (Jason Statham, Donald Sutherland, Tony Goldwyn), a neat plot line (an elite assassin with a strict code and unique talent for cleanly eliminating targets with detachment gets personal when his close friend is murdered) and has had some wonderful marketing and now is opening with wide distribution. So how come I’m not going to see it?

It’s not my cup of tea…not a fit for me.

It’s so interesting as actors who simply want to “be up there on that screen, stage, little screen” that we don’t consider what the “end user” wants or needs. We are VERY concerned with our talent and what we want for our career but very few actors take into consideration what this biz is ultimately about — providing entertainment, art, enjoyment for SOMEONE ELSE.

This weekend I invite you to be the audience…forget for a moment about what you want as an actor performing in NYC, but check into what you want as the consumer of entertainment.  Be an observer of other actors great work…if you’re in SAG, don’t forget to vote as the deadline is today.  And the Oscar nominations are out…are you aware of who is up for the Golden Statue?  This is part of your job as an actor…being aware of others and where everyone fits (including the audience) in show BUSINESS.

To your success!

Lisa Gold

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