So you had a bad day…

AC: Acting in New York City auditions can be tough. If an audition is going poorly — and you can sense that the actor knows it — is there anything the actor can do to turn it around and possibly get a call back?

DALE BROWN (Veteran New York casting director): Those of us on the other side of the table are human too; we understand having a less than stellar day or not getting off to a good start.

I’d rather have an actor ask if they can start again than see them suffer through simply because the music started. Sometimes we’ll even suggest they start again. Just be sure there’s a clear correction to be shared.

Nonetheless, there are days when it just wasn’t your day. Begging your way back into the room for a second shot if it wasn’t meant to be is living in the past instead of taking an experience and learning from it. Your life will be easier to put a difficult day auditioning in perspective an build from the experience.

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Dale joined Tara Rubin Casting in 2007. His current specific projects with TRC include on-going casting for all US companies of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, and the original casting of both BILLY ELLIOT, THE FIRST WIVES CLUB and Des McAnuff’s production of GUYS & DOLLS.

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